Martian Fever

Martian FeverTake one ambitious woman, stricken with a terrible disease… stir into the mix her son, manipulated all his life, conditioned to always obey his mother… add coerced cross-dressing, stick the whole mess in the Cuisinart and hit liquify. Conflict is inevitable. Here’s what could happen. Really. It’s totally plausible. Honest. Would I lie?


This vignette is a TG caption that got away from me—to the tune of five pages and an equall number of pictures. It started with the photo shown here (which you’ve probably seen before, as it’s been captioned elsewhere), of a young man (or so we assume) being ‘encouraged’ by a maid to dress up as a woman. I wanted to come up with my own answer as to why this is happening, but I couldn’t wrap it up nice and neat in a few paragraphs so I had to keep going. It still doesn’t quite function as a full-blown story, but it’s got some interesting ideas and a couple of nice twists at the end, so let’s just split the difference and call it a vignette. Enjoy.


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