Pink Kryptonite

Pink KryptoniteWe all have our Achilles’ heel. Achilles had his heel, Superman had his kryptonite, and for Keith it’s his girlfriend’s red dress and a total makeover. Hard candy for some is hard drugs for another. Yes, there’s deep meaning hidden within this seemingly innocent caption. At the risk of learning something, enjoy.

As an aside, I’d like to point out how this caption illustrates a key aspect of storytelling. In a nutshell: the ending of a story should harken back to the beginning. What’s that mean? In writerly terms, a question is raised at the outset of a story which is then answered at the end. To put it another way, the story should end when that initial question is answered, or at least echoed in some manner. (A short dénouement might follow, to tidy up loose ends.) For example, in this caption there are many directions the tale could go; Keith and Sarah could go shopping for dresses, they could head out into the mall to check out guys, the list is endless. But they all have one thing in common: the story becomes open-ended, which leaves the plot flapping in the wind like a loose thread. (Note how the caption cleverly begins and ends by referencing the brassiere.) A proper story is a closed circle, where the plot returns to where it began—with the world having changed, of course.

If you don’t believe me, check out a very good book on writing, How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy, by Orson Scott Card. It discusses this very concept in detail. I know, as has been reported in the media OSC is no friend of the GLBT community, so borrow the book from your local library; that way you get the information, he gets little or no benefit. (I got my copy ages ago, way before his views on gay marriage were publicized.)


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