Power Dressing

Drink UpIt can be said that the fabulous fifties were the heyday of power dressing. I have no personal experience with that era, but the photo that starts this vignette doesn’t absolutely have to be set in that time period; it could be some sort of retro-theme gathering. But the image did strongly suggest (to me at least) a definite sequence of events stemming from the stance of the dress-wearer, and this is one possible outcome. Enjoy.

I didn’t realize until I named the piece that I had already written a vignette with the same title—which is why I added the “Fabulous Fifties” tag. But I’ll take this opportunity to plug 2007’s “Power Dressing” vignette, which reads surprisingly well for being that early in my development as a TG author.


4 thoughts on “Power Dressing

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    • Thank you. It’s amazing how fast some pieces come together (this one took no more than three days), while others (some already longer than this vignette) can languish for weeks/months before finally moving to a close (or in some cases being permanently shelved or terminated). It’s all about standards!

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