Female Pride

female prideTo be honest, I’m not sure where the idea for this caption came from. But it seems to me very plausible that a surfeit of what might be called “male pride” (too much of which could fairly be described as “toxic masculinity”) could lead to a good deal of unnecessary frustration on the part of those of us who would otherwise enjoy embracing our feminine side. If that were the case, I could also see it leading—at least for a few hapless souls—to a desperate plea for outside help, and that could result in the unfortunate outcome depicted herein (click the icon to download in PDF form). Enjoy!

While I don’t often resort (or stoop) to using somewhat naughty pictures like the one here, I do have my moments. A couple of recent examples include “Lying Fallow” and “Time to Come Clean“. There are certainly others in my extensive archives (links in the sidebar) and browsing my past work is certain to be rewarding for anyone with an interest in M2F cross-dressing or TG fiction in general. Savor the quality writing and subtle humor!


P.S. I’m not providing the caption in JPG format because it’s a bit racy and I have no idea where the original photo came from. I would also ask that no one post this caption elsewhere. Feel free to download and save the PDF, but let’s just leave the caption there, folks. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Female Pride

  1. Awesome caption. Very much the outcome many sissies want in the Locked in Lace community. You really expressed a real desire in both sub and Dom.

    • Glad you liked it. I’m not a sub or a dom (or a sissy, to be honest), but as a writer with a powerful imagination [cough, cough] I have to follow a story wherever it may lead. The picture spoke to me, and I followed.

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