Lying Fallow

lying fallowI won’t try to defend this caption. It’s pretty darn politically incorrect, but let’s face it: the subject matter here is not uncommon in TG fiction. It’s all about imagining ourselves being treated as truly female, in a sexual manner, and it’s definitely NOT about the kind of violation and abuse this would entail were it to happen in real life (to anyone). So if there are any genetic females out there who happen to be reading this post, please do not believe for a moment that fantasies of the sort depicted represent any kind of endorsement of male exploitation of women.

That said, this tale does invite us to ask ourselves who the real villain (or villainess) might be: the sister and her friends who serve up a hapless (but insanely convincing) cross-dresser on a platter; the man set to deflower said cross-dresser, all the while believing that he’s doing the deed (not depicted herein) with a female escort (which is wrong in itself, to take advantage of a woman who performs such work as a matter of survival); or the perverse author who found the scenario vaguely enticing. Feel free to comment!


3 thoughts on “Lying Fallow

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