It Gets A Little Bit Easier Every Time

it gets a little bit easier every timeThis TG caption is part of my continuing series of caps and stories that attempt to convey the psychological aspect of the cross-dressing experience, most recently in “Can’t Stop the Feminizing“, “Gone Too Far” and “The Hair Wins” (among many others; browse the menu/sidebar links). This approach is starting to feel like a crusade or obsession with me, and a psychoanalyst might speculate that this is the author attempting to understand himself. But then again… nah. It’s all just good fun. Enjoy!


P.S. This is a wide caption that doesn’t render well in the space available, so here’s the JPG for those who collect. Click the above icon for the usual PDF.

3 thoughts on “It Gets A Little Bit Easier Every Time

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  2. Love this story and it’s exploration of the crossdressing psyche!

    I had the chance to femulate this morning and had the same thought as the title of this caption! I was putting on my bra and thought “this is so easy and familiar, it’s like I’ve been doing it since puberty.”

    Looking forward to more of this series;)

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