The Game of Life

the game of lifeWe all enjoy a fun little “Medallion of Zulo” story, right? Well, here’s one that involves a man swapping with his wife, the same guy swapping with another woman, that other woman swapping with his wife—you get the picture. But if not, do read the story because it does a fairly good job of explaining the whole sordid mess (to download, click the icon). I’ve written this sort of man-wife bodyswap story before, of course, most recently in “You Are A Woman“. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “The Game of Life

  1. Another good story. There is so much more potential for interesting changes with the Medallion of Zulo than a mere body swap.

  2. Your story is as polished as ever with a great Epilog ending. Enjoyed the one frame cartoon, too. It’s all about the hormones. I think it is and the lessons women learn in order to survive in this world.

  3. Fun story! Just the right amount of sexy twists and turns to keep my attention all the way through the epilogue. 🙂

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