The Perfect Prosthesis

the perfect prosthesisI almost feel like apologizing for this one. I don’t usually use nude pics, and this one’s a little on the tasteless side as well (you’ve been warned). I’m not sure what possessed me to write it, but the notion that this lovely lady is really a man in disguise (she isn’t, for the record) was kind of intriguing.

By the way, what this character is doing here is very very wrong, in that it’s just not nice (or ethical) to fool some dude into thinking you’re a real woman when you aren’t. But let’s be clear here: this is fantasy! That means it’s not real and shouldn’t be taken as a suggested course of action. But what I find curious is that so many of us find this intensely appealing. I suppose it has to do with the lure of being totally accepted as female when cross-dressed, and that strikes me as not too bad a reason—so let’s just leave it at that.


P.S. Please don’t post this anywhere else. It would bother me if that happened.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Prosthesis

  1. This is a thought-provoking post. Count me in as one of those who find having the ability and opportunity to pass in public very appealing. But at what point during something like a night on the town would we have a responsibility to divulge the truth about ourself? Is sharing a drink or a dance with a handsome stranger in a bar ok? How about a happy ending in the coatroom? Did the woman in this story cross a line…even if she’s still able to give him exactly what he’s looking for?

    A lot of good points to ponder from this cap. Thank you!

  2. Hello. We all want to be wanted, even desired by everyone, someone. It validates us in whatever it is we’re doing at that moment. Whether that is painting a room, some aspect of our job, (Good Job, Smithers!), dressing en femme, even if it’s just “Ma’med” or straight away compliments, (Where did you get that lovely dress?). If you’re soon to be that, “ah, familiar” with someone, I’d say that’s some form of compliment. (Yeah, yeah, I know they’re guys, which is code for, they’ll say anything to anyone to get what they want at that moment. Or you might really be the most beautiful woman in the room, or he might be so drunk he can’t see straight. As they say, “Take it for what it’s worth.)
    I hope most of us would NOT be into Trickery.

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