You Are A Woman

you are a womanFor your reading pleasure, I present here a tale of a married couple looking to spice up their love life with a little bedroom roleplay. (Click the icon to download the PDF.) One slight wrinkle: the husband doesn’t actually know he’s role-playing, which is where my alien-technology hypnosis machine—the now-infamous AutoMesmerizer—enters the picture. It puts quite the whammy on the husband as he switches places with his wife, and the scenario only gets more twisted from there. This is at least somewhat reminiscent of other recent tales involving husband-and-wife switcheroos, like “Roleplay“, “A Year in the Life“, “Feminization Goes to Eleven” and “Behold the Woman“, all from last year. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “You Are A Woman

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  2. She can do better than either of them, and they (Carl and Tess) both deserve some retribution. Perhaps they deserve each other – with some suitable alterations.

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  4. Wow…such a fabulous piece of writing! The way you so vividly described each character’s thoughts as they transformed (and especially as the mesmerizer effects wore off) makes me wonder if you’ve used the AutoMesmerizer. Hmmm….

  5. Well it was a good read and flowed really well. I just didn’t like the ending. She should have stayed with Carl and eventually through the use of the machine completed her memories and lived happily ever after. Tex should have been the one cheating and left never to return.

    • Thanks for the writing-quality props. As for the ending, well, ya can’t please everybody. The characters led me in the direction I took. I know Tess was being a bit of a dick for tricking her husband like that (likely for career-related purposes), but Carl was equally to blame for taking advantage. No reason to reward him for abusing the power of his office. You might say no reason to reward Tess either, but she’s the guy’s life partner and can be forgiven. That’s how I see it anyway.

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