Excitable Boy

excitable boyI’m calling this item a vignette (click the icon to download) because (in spite of being seven pages long) it doesn’t really go through anything that resembles a proper “story arc“. It’s really just a cross-dressing transformation followed by a night out, which isn’t much of a plot. I had the first part written back in July, and then it languished because the story didn’t go anywhere. I finally decided to dust it off and end it with the aforementioned night out, call it a vignette and be done with it. That may not sound very interesting reading-wise, but it’s got a nice hypnotic twist that might make it worthwhile. I have, of course, touched on the subject of the cross-dressing psyche before, in works such as “Try to Understand“, “The Woman Inside” and “Lingerie Guilt“, and this odd tale adds to the layers of psychosis being uncovered in the mind of the author. Enjoy!


P.S. The title was inspired by the album Excitable Boy, released in 1978 by the late Warren Zevon. The major hit from the album was “Werewolves of London”, which probably uses the werewolf as an allegory for something more mundane, like a skirt-chasing womanizer, but I figure it could just as easily refer to a thoroughly feminized cross-dresser on the prowl.

4 thoughts on “Excitable Boy

  1. Another well written well conceived and polished story. I didn’t care for the plot or the ending, but thats not a fault of yours. I prefer the changes to be natural and permanent. That continual struggle this cross dresser faces no one should have to face.

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