Skinsuit Halloween

skinsuit halloweenThere is, needless to say, a long tradition of male cross-dressers disguising themselves as females at Halloween, and over the years I’ve written my fair share of such tales. So here’s this year’s effort (click the icon to download the PDF), which I must admit isn’t all that ‘Halloweeny’ (no ghosts, no witches, no zombie skeletons, no giant spiders, etc), but it does involve a Halloween costume that provides one heck of a lot more realism than our hero ever thought possible. (Sharp-eyed readers will note that I used one of these pics earlier this year, in “What A Lucky Man He Was“, but it fit the story so I had to use it again.) Happy Halloween!


4 thoughts on “Skinsuit Halloween

  1. That was the most beautiful skin suit story I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it.

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