Being My Mother’s Sister

being my mother's sisterA quickie vignette today (click the icon for the full file), about a young man who runs afoul of his slightly deranged mother who would prefer to have a kid sister to pal around with, instead of a seriously disappointing son. (Hey, who can blame her?) This scenario doesn’t specifically remind me of any of my previous postings (amazing in itself, considering how many there are), so I’ll just mention that it involves the by-now infamous AutoMesmerizer (as have several other recent works). Enjoy!



TG vignette: Being My Mother’s Sister (click picture for PDF)

2 thoughts on “Being My Mother’s Sister

  1. Hi, I love this – it would have been a dream come true! As you know so many of us wish we could to sleep as a man and wake up the next day – completely female – loving the change!
    I love how he states that he feels he is supposed to be female.
    The photo completes it – she is so gorgeous!!
    I love what you do – these tg fantasies are super fun!

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