Enjoy Being Feminine

enjoy being feminineJust a quickie caption today, about a man getting the news from his wife that this bodyswap thing he was cajoled into accepting might last a wee bit longer than he might’ve expected. I’ve written a few other man-to-wife stories recently, like “Roleplay” and “A Year in the Life” (and lots more in previous years), which makes me wonder if we should consider it a TG trope all on its own. Anyway, enjoy!



TG caption: Enjoy Being Feminine

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Being Feminine

  1. I agree with eliseg25. I for one would demand the change is for life. Then start working on as many little ones as we could produce! Being a wife, mom, then grandma. Now that’s the good life!

    Amanda once again a wonderful story!

    Thank you!!

  2. When I read the title of this post, I actually said out loud “I do!” Another gorgeous photo and story, but this is how I know it’s fiction: what woman in her right mind that looks like the one in this post would ever want to give that all up to be a man? Blech!

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