indescribableThis is a set of three captions that tries to capture what it feels like to cross-dress (it’s a tough ask, I know). However, just to establish my credibility on the subject, I’ll just say that everything in this set was written (and posted) while the author was dressed to the nines as a woman (albeit a bit less gorgeously than what’s shown in these pictures). Enjoy!



TG caption set: Indescribable

10 thoughts on “Indescribable

  1. BRAVO — I thought I would revisit your comment about being “dressed to the nines” while writing. With no where to go, I used to paint my nails after I got dressed…a continuation of the “femulation” if you will.
    (And then housework , dishes, etc–in heels, of course!!! …Might as well be productive !!! )
    A Big Fan

    • Glad you liked! I totally relate to the whole “nowhere to go” thing. That’s why I sometimes drive around while dressed. It kind of feels like going somewhere, even if I just wind up right back where I started (an hour later).

  2. Amanda, as always…. WOW! I started young, 4 yrs old, dressed in mom’s half slip and heels, came out of her room as a bride… Told never to touch her things ever. Boys don’t do those things. dabbled hiding in my sister’s closet (small walk in upstairs away from everyone, until i was 12 rediscovered mom’s, sisters, things. From hair to heels and hose! Makeup by 14. Long hair was in! Great for me!!!

    Purged, re-bought, purged, married, wore her things in secret, admitted, divorced at 39, recommitted big time, hey I was single!, met a woman who was into me and it, way into it, helped me to prepare to enter in to womanhood finally!,dumped at 50, i think she was kinda jealous of how how i looked, or was it because i told her i would be hetro with her on the side, purged, re-bought, now wearing age appropriate clothing. Still feels fantastic, actually easier to pass with wrinkles!

    Never once have I wanted to stop.

    The way you describe it, Indescribable and irresistible, perfect.

    Don’t ever stop, Dressing or writing.

    Next lives we all will be female, our destinies are clear.

    We all love you.


    • Thank you, Paula. As always, thank you for your kind words. That’s quite a (thumbnail) life story you’ve got; way more dramatic than my own history, but everyone’s different and that’s a good thing. I’m glad you’re happy, but I do have to wonder what Stana (of fame) would have to say about “age appropriate” clothing. Whatever looks good on you, I suspect! 🙂

  3. I cannot stop thinking about this wonderful, well-written series of captions! If I ever had the confidence to tell someone about my crossdressing, the 2 words I would use are indescribable and irresistible. I simply cannot put into words why I am unable to resist the allure of dressing enfemme.

    Even if I only have an hour of alone time, I’ll enjoy the comfort…both physically and emotionally…of panties and stockings and heels.

    Looking forward to more of your fabulous work:) Ciao! Elise

    • Wow, thank you, high praise indeed! I suspected this piece might be highly relatable by many of my readers. Indescribable and irresistible: two words that always go hand-in-hand with the cross-dressing experience. Psychologists take note: you’ve got your work cut out trying to figure us out! 🙂

      • You should be proud of your writing! So descriptive and sensual as you weave lovely stories!

        I’ve been working on figuring myself out, learning my “why”, and have been crafting a story that combines my own, true crossdressing journey with my most decadent gender-bending fantasies. It’s not nearly as easy to put thoughts into words on paper as it may appear. So bravo to you for a catalog of fabulous work!

      • Thank you, Elise. You’re very kind. I do take pride in my writing, which is why I put in the extra effort to make sure it reads smoothly and doesn’t disturb the reading experience with silly little typos. Cheers!

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