Try to Understand

try to understandEvery so often I write a caption or story that tries to delve into the nitty-gritty of the psychology (or psyche) of the cross-dresser; what makes those of us who feel the allure of feminine garb (but who aren’t female) tick—just what it is that might be going on inside our heads (a tough task, I know). I can’t claim to have penned the ultimate depiction of what it means to be a cross-dresser, but I keep trying. The most recent examples I can think of are: “On the Road to Womanhood“, “Lingerie Guilt” and “The Woman Inside“.

About this particular vignette (click on the above icon to download) I’ll just say that I really like the picture on the second page (you’ll see what I mean). In fact, of all the face-swap pics I’ve generated over the past year this one might be the best. If things had gone differently for me in the womb and I turned out looking like that I’d have been one happy girl. (Seriously, she actually does look like the sister I never had.) Anyway, enjoy the tale!


7 thoughts on “Try to Understand

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    • In a word: yes. A younger version of my face, true, but still me; I’m one of those people you could easily identify in every photo I’ve ever had taken. Much credit to FaceApp too; I’ve given their website a major workout this past year (I subscribed around this time in 2021). As you can imagine, I’ve been very happy with the results!

  2. And then things got really weird when Emily saw both Milo and Michelle at the same time…
    Okay, maybe not.

    • Wow, thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my work. I do try to write upbeat endings (with a few exceptions here and there), in part because that’s what I enjoy reading and partly because there are enough dreadful things happening in the world without me creating more of them. I know that fiction (TG and otherwise) should reflect the real world, at least to an extent, but I’ll leave that part of it in other authors’ more capable hands.

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