The Senator’s Wife

the senator's wifeIt’s pure coincidence that this politically-flavored pair of TG captions (click on the icon to download the PDF) comes out at roughly the same time as the American government’s deal (notably in the Senate) regarding climate change legislation. Seriously, I started writing this days before I heard about the real-world stuff (I try not to follow current events too closely these days; too depressing). It reminds me of a couple of other items with a similar political bent: “Progressive Politics” and “A Lady of Uncommon Virtue“. Also, like in my previous post, there’s no JPG here because these two captions (plus bridging text) are tightly linked and should be kept together. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Senator’s Wife

  1. He’d better be careful about expressing his opinions or he’ll take another session under the AutoMesmerizer. Or join his mother in the lake.
    Coincidentally, currently showing on UK TV is a three-part series detailing how the oil industry knew about man’s effect on global warming for decades. They spent a literal fortune on misinformation and denial, buying political and media influence in order to continue to maximise their profits at all costs. So what is happening now can be solely blamed on them. Sadly, none of them will ever answer for their crimes against the planet and humanity as a whole.
    You’re right, it *is* depressing.

    • The operative word being “careful”. If he approaches the senator the right way, explaining that both parties have much to lose and much to gain, then an arrangement might be struck.

      As for the other thing… between war, damage to the environment (which human civilization depends on), and political unrest (including “The Big Lie”, violence, ridiculous conspiracy theories, etc), “depressing” seems like such an inadequate word.

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