Be A Good Girl

be a good girlAs you undoubtedly know, one of the most common TG tropes is “cross-dresser caught”. It’s kind of mind-boggling, when you think about it, that the realization of a cross-dresser’s greatest fear (it is, trust me) should become an object of fantasy and no small allure for many of us (future academic theorists, take note), but in the words of the immortal bard: it is what it is. (I was about to say that I have no idea who first popularized this phrase, I just like saying “in the words of…”—but I just looked it up and whaddya know? Shakespeare really did use it! That’s what Google says, but apparently others disagree.) Anyway, this certainly isn’t the first time I’ve written about a cross-dresser being caught in the act; a couple of recent examples are “A Cunning Plan” and “Look What They Done to Me“, both from last summer (many more such tales can be found in my archives; links in the sidebar). Enjoy!



TG caption: Be A Good Girl

3 thoughts on “Be A Good Girl

  1. I think more likely he’s planning on being a Bad Girl…..

    …and that nephew will not have to work very hard to get SOMETHING totally into a certain sissy…. he must be cute

  2. Amanda, I have been a longtime fan of your stories and captions. Love your choice of pictures and your ability to Photoshop your face into the pictures. I have tried unsuccessfully to do the same myself, so my admiration for your talent is boundless.  Is there any chance that you would consider a Photoshop of my face into one of your stories or captions? I am attaching two photos from a professional photoshoot. The hair in the color shots is a wig. The black and white photo shows my own hair, which is a natural blonde. (Please be kind with your comments ) Thank you again for all your efforts to entertain us. You don’t know how much I look forward to seeing your posts. Andie Blank

    • I’m glad you like my work, Andie. I guess we share a liking for tasteful pictures. 🙂

      FYI: I don’t use (or own) Photoshop. I use online tools like FaceApp for all face-swapping. I used to use a more primitive app called FaceMixer to switch faces, and then polish the result in Gimp (which is free). That took way too much time and the results were only middling. FaceApp is a huge step forward (it’s not free, but it’s not expensive and can be tried for free; there are also other apps like it). It has lots of options, both for face-swapping and for tweaking the resulting picture. Sometimes I have to rotate the target pic to get an upright orientation. Now and then I also have to do a little polishing in Gimp, but that’s rare. There’s no reason you can’t do the same; there’s not much skill involved. The quality of the final result does depend on the quality of the initial pic, but you can also polish that pic in FaceApp (as I’ve done, in different ways, like changing hair color) before saving it for use with a woman’s body.

      I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to use your pic in a story. The great thing about all the pictures I’ve generated using FaceApp is that they can all plausibly be thought of as the same woman. Before face-switching came along, I used to spend far too much time looking for photos that just might (if you squinted and looked at it sideways) be considered the same woman—this for use as the same character in a given story. Even with HairMixer pics, my choices were limited. Now I’ve literally got hundreds of pictures, all high-quality, and all of the “same woman” (with only the length and style of hair to worry about, and sometimes the shape of the body). It’s a huge time-saver, which is important because frankly I just don’t have as much time to devote to this as I’d like.

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