Hypnotic Seduction

hypnotic seductionIt’s often been said that the effectiveness of hypnosis is seriously overstated, and that it only works (when it works) on someone who already kinda-sorta wouldn’t mind doing what the hypnotist is trying to compel him to do. Well, maybe that applies to the main characters in this story, and maybe it doesn’t—the results do suggest that they might’ve got what they wanted—but either way, it’s a tale of what might happen if hypnosis and subliminal conditioning were a whole lot more powerful than they probably are. It’s also been awhile since I last posted a good TG-related hypnotherapy story—the last ones being “Psychotherapy Gone Mad“, “One Hell of An Act” and “The Devil Bade Me“, all from last year—so here you go. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Hypnotic Seduction

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  2. Perhaps, I too like Jimmy, …I may have latent issues. I am not a homosexual per se as the professor pontificates about Jimmy. I may not even realize I want to be a woman. Oh wait, yes I do. I have since I was 4 almost 5 years old, wishing I could be as beautiful a bride someday, while watching my aunt walk down the aisle at her wedding so may years ago! Well, some of us just know.

    Great story as usual!


    • Thanks, Paula. I appreciate hearing that. The professor in this tale is certainly a bit of a dick, but he’s no dummy: he saw something in Jimmy that turned out to be true. It didn’t save his career, of course, but maybe while he’s slaving away trying to teach sweathogs that gravity goes down he can take some solace that he helped make one confused young man a happy woman.

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