The New Maddison

the new maddisonHere’s a somewhat hawt little caption (click the icon to download) about how the infamous Medallion of Zulo is often misused. I’ve often railed against the idea of the “bad guy” so often winning in TG fiction, by acting selfishly, with some innocent woman losing her life or identity in the bargain—and yet this is another example of exactly that. In my defense, in a one-page caption it’s hard to show how the villain of the piece might get his comeuppance. There’s less of an excuse when writing at longer lengths, and I do then try to do show what the consequences might be. I have, of course, done the boyfriend-girlfriend switcheroo before, most recently in “The Games Couples Play“, “To Be My Girlfriend” and “What Just Happened?” Enjoy!


P.S. This is a bit of a naughty caption with partial nudity, so I’m not posting a standalone JPG. I would also ask that no one who collects my work repost this elsewhere; I have no idea where the original photo came from or who it might depict (although her face has, of course, been swapped).

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