Payback Time

payback timeHere’s a quick little tale of revenge served both cold and hawt at the same time! I’ll note in passing that nurses often feature in TG fantasies, but for some reason I haven’t used them all that much. I could only find two instances in my archives (links in the sidebar): “The Bonding” and “The Nurse“. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Payback Time

  1. What a fun fantasy! Eleven years ago I went to a surgeon in Guadalajara for a facelift and some minor facial feminization. A female friend accompanied me on the trip. She had been in an accident some years earlier where her cheek bone was crushed. She had a cheek implant done in the states but there were complications and it had to be removed. She was going to have another implant done. She and I met with the doctor to go over what we wanted done the day before surgery. He had some breast implants sitting on his desk. My friend said I would look great with larger breasts (mine already sizeable from gynecomastia and several years of estrogen). The doctor showed me different implants and we all agreed that the silicon tear-drop ones were the best for me. I told the doctor that I wish I could but my finances were not up to affording implants at this time. The truth is I was not ready to kick the gender door off the hinges yet. My friend said she would pay for the implants but I refused. The first thing I checked when I woke up from the facial surgery was my chest. There were no bandages. I fell back asleep.

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