The Ultimate High

the ultimate highIt’s a well-known aspect of cross-dressing—likely familiar to anyone reading this, but one that’s difficult for outsiders to comprehend—that cross-dressers are always wanting to push the envelope. To go just a little further in feminizing oneself, to go outside and risk being seen, to go out when there are actual people around, and so forth. It’s a lot like an addiction. So today I offer up a satirical little vignette about a cross-dresser who seeks his ultimate high as a bride, but ends up receiving a lot more than he expected. I’m sure you can all guess what that means. The cross-dresser as bride is a common TG trope and I’ve hit that trope many times before, most recently in “He’s About to Lose Control” and “Here Comes the Bride” (both from last year). There are more examples in the archives (links in the sidebar). Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate High

  1. Hello & wow!! O. M. G!!! The story is perfect! The only problem I see is it isn’t happening to me. I’ve been good, doing dishes, putting things away neat & tidy. I’m sure I don’t look as beautiful as your model, but I think I look pretty good. Thanks for a great story, a girl can dream, wish & hope. Maybe someday.

  2. Missed seeing your updates for the past month- glad to see you back!! And I absolutely love this story- any plans for a follow-up?

    • Thanks. Updates tend to happen irregularly around here, whenever something gets finished. No plans for a follow-up for this item, but two stories are nearing completion, including a thirty-plus pager. Stay tuned!

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