Charlie X-Y

charlie x-yThis little story came together surprisingly quickly (barely a week), especially when you consider my usual months-long (or years-long) lead time between genesis and final edit. It’s a somewhat unique take on the aliens-turned-me-into-a-woman TG trope that I’ve mined repeatedly throughout my TG writing career (check out my archives; links in the sidebar). (The most recent example before this one is “The Bodyswap Cure“.) The latest title, by the way, comes from the classic Star Trek episode “Charlie X“, which was the second episode in the original series (way back in 1966). I cleverly added the “-Y” to refer to the X- and Y-chromosomes that determine gender. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Charlie X-Y

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  2. What a clever way to create a woman, storywise.
    Just as well the power was taken away, considering the vast potential to be horribly misused – even if he wasn’t using it maliciously, reacting to subconscious desires is dangerous enough. Then it would have been a very different type of story.

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