A Year in the Life

a year in the lifeI’m not sure this story (click the icon to download) blazes any new ground; it’s a classic tale of the infamous Medallion of Zulo transforming a marriage beyond all recognition. One thing to note is that the artifact doesn’t pull its usual vanishing act at the end; instead, it hangs around to be used by people who are entirely willing (well, mostly) to switch gender from time to time. The man (who becomes a woman) does make some pithy remarks about how being male kind of sucks and how being a woman is a bed of roses by comparison, which a lot of real women would roll their eyes at, and does have to be filed under the “grass is greener” category. Ah, well. Enjoy!

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately, writing stories about a husband and wife swapping roles. And no wonder: it’s one of the most iconic tropes in all of TG fiction. Two recent examples (from earlier this year) are “Feminization Goes to Eleven” and “Behold the Woman“, but you’ll find many more examples in my archives (links in the sidebar).


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