Heaven Can’t Wait

heaven can't waitThis odd little story (click the icon to download) manages to combine the common TG trope of body-swapping with both witchcraft and the Catholic notion of Purgatory, to somehow make a brother-to-sister transformation seem both logical and almost inevitable. I have, of course, written (more than once) about mothers who just happen to be witches (not saying anything about real mothers here) who wind up transforming their sons into women. Most recently, you might want to check out “Witch Hazel’s Revenge” and “The Cure for the Common Clone“, although there are certainly other examples in my archives (links in the sidebar). The title of this story is, as you may have guessed, a play on the classic film Heaven Can Wait, although there’s little or no overlap in the plot (such as it is). Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Heaven Can’t Wait

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