Behold the Woman

behold the womanI began this story nearly a year ago with a fairly detailed description of a cross-dressing transformation, extended it with the notion of a very understanding and accepting wife giving her feminized husband the kind of gift he’d always dreamed about receiving—and then I stalled. It wasn’t until this past fall that I figured out where to take the story from there (a quick left turn into the Twilight Zone, ‘natch) and then finally managed to finish the thing over the past few weeks (click the nice big icon to your left to download this file). Quality takes time, folks! To all you TG authors out there: don’t rush your stories. They’ll finish up when they’re ready to finish up, and not a minute sooner. Enjoy!

I’ve written about husbands and wives swapping places (one way or another) numerous times over the years. These fine tales spring to mind: “Deep Cover“, “Welcome to Wonderland“, “The Game” and “Regulation Housewife“. I’m sure there are other examples; feel free to browse my archives (links in the sidebar).


3 thoughts on “Behold the Woman

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