The Hero of the Story

hero of the storyI’ve been on a bit of a “become your sister” kick in recent months, but in some ways this little vignette (click on the icon to download) takes it to a new level. You can check out “My Sister, My Self“, “Rationalizing the Unthinkable” and “The PrettyGirl Transformation” (all from this year) to decide for yourself, but the level of self-interest here is fairly extreme. I’m usually the first to cry foul (or fowl) when the bad guy wins big, as often happens in TG fiction, but I think this guy (our “hero”) is a nice illustration of the kind of rationalization or “doublethink” required to steal someone else’s life. I found the scenario thought-provoking. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Hero of the Story

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  2. Disturbing on several levels.
    Yes, the “hero” does show doublethink. Does that make it ok that he stole his sister’s life?

    Also, one of the oldest refrains in the TERF world is that trans women are just men who like having sex with other men so changing their bodies can make that easier.

    The “hero” seems to fit that stereotype.

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