The Trouble With Oliver

the trouble with oliverMind control has been a common trope in science fiction since the days of the pulp magazines, and I’m sure you’re all aware that it has also found considerable use in TG fiction. That’s all I’ll say about this caption, except to mention that with a sister and mother like these two, who needs an authoritarian police state? I was also reminded of some of my previous work in this vein: the recent “My Sister, My Self“, “Neural Malware” from 2019, and “Dare You” from 2015 (which I just re-read and it’s really hawt). Enjoy!


P.S. This is an overly wide caption, so here’s the JPG for your collection. Click the above icon for the standard PDF version.

One thought on “The Trouble With Oliver

  1. He always had trouble with Oliver, always got into trouble, and he never learned. So we need someone to test the equipment. And was the best choice to test on. It worked so well. He is a new person.

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