Psychotherapy Gone Mad

psychotherapy gone madHere’s a simple recipe: take one slender young man with low self-esteem (they’re suspiciously common in TG fiction), stir in one female psychiatrist with some highly dubious theories about how to boost the self-confidence of slender young males, and whaddya get? Answer: this 15-page story (including three page-size captions), about psychotherapy gone mad (or to the dogs; take your pick). I came up with this idea as a follow-on to my sequence of “cross-dressing therapy” captions from a few years back, the most recent of which were “Bridal Therapy” and “Behavioral Entrainment Therapy” (both from 2019). You can find links to the earlier caps (all of which are worth a read) in that second post. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Psychotherapy Gone Mad

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  2. This is one of your best stories for sure in the last couple of years. It was light and airy , all the characters supported Jessica with only a slight hesitation from her childhood friend at first. All the positive reinforcement guaranteed Jessica’s success. Maybe that was what she needed when she was a boy.

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