Emily Steps Out

emily steps outA young man is caught while cross-dressed—in the middle of throwing a cocktail party, no less—by his mother and then has to answer the eternal cross-dressing question: “Why on earth do you look like a younger version of me?” This is a simple family drama with an upbeat ending. I’ve written about that sort of thing recently, but this tale (click that there icon to download, by the way) reminds me more of “Talk the Talk” from way back in 2019. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Emily Steps Out

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  2. Another great story. I guess you have been saving up for awhile. I had really forgotten how well you compose your pieces and your stellar use of the English language. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, that’s lovely to hear. (I also appreciate your use of the word “stellar”.) I wasn’t saving up, as such, it’s just that I often (i.e. always) have several projects on the go and sometimes they happen to get finished at about the same time. It’s like the old saying about buses… 🙂

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