Survivor Benefits

survivor benefitsIt recently occurred to me that the standard advice police give to anyone unlucky enough to be the victim of some lowlife mugger (or any other sort of bad guy)—to give the guy what he wants, don’t make him mad, and survive the encounter—could easily apply to a forced feminization scenario as well. But of course, there’s always the possibly (especially in my work) that there could be more to the situation than meets the eye… Enjoy!

I’ve used this sort of satirical approach before, fairly often in fact, so I’ll just point to a couple of recent examples: “A Cunning Plan” and “Look What They Done to Me“, both from this year. Check out the archives (links are in the sidebar) for other similar work. By the way, the picture used here is another example of a Faceapp swap between my own features (from an old photo) and the image of some stunning model found on the Internet. Yowza!


P.S. This is a somewhat large caption, so here’s the JPG for anyone who collects ’em. Click the above icon for the usual PDF version.

7 thoughts on “Survivor Benefits

  1. She is going to be a lot more popular than he was.
    Instead of the cheerleader trope, maybe she will go out for theatre.

    • I’d say it’s a rock-solid guarantee in TG fiction that the girl version is more popular than the male version. I can’t claim to have done a full survey, but I’ve NEVER seen it the other way around. And yes, the cheerleader trope has always been a nonstarter with me. Theater is a lot more interesting (because costumes!).

  2. Man, this girl’s beautiful.
    Gonna admit, I almost had an erection seeing her. Glad I have a lot of self-control…

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