The Final Feminization

the final feminizationAnother common TG trope is where a young man is forcibly feminized to become another man’s bride. Exactly why this is popular is a question that will no doubt be answered by someone’s doctorate in abnormal psychology—fifty years from now. Hopefully, this tale (click the icon to download), and others like it I’ve written, will prove useful for that research. To further your own reading in this field, you might want to check out “Rationalizing the Unthinkable” from earlier this year, and “So Now I’m Your Wife” from last year. There are many more like these in my archives (links in the sidebar; search on “bride” or “wedding”). Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Final Feminization

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    • Glad you liked, Van. I thought the “mad scientist” idea might’ve come across as a bit abrupt and kind of over the top, but what the hey—it was fun! And yeah, the feminizers in TG fiction usually get away with murder (sometimes literally), so it’s good to be able to put ’em in their place (which is, apparently, hell). 🙂

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