The Devil Bade Me

the devil bade meHere we have yet another cautionary tale of sibling rivalry gone mad. A sister exacts a terrifying revenge upon her younger brother (for existing), while at the same time advancing her career. (And “bade” is totally a real word, by the way.) If that makes you even a little bit curious about what might be going on, then read on (click the icon to your left for the download). And if you find that you enjoy mixing your cross-dressing with a little hypnosis then you might want to check out some other recent work, such as this year’s “By the Power of Mesmer” and last year’s “Bring on the Hypnotist” and “Nice and Cross-dressed“. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “The Devil Bade Me

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  3. This was one of my all-time, absolute favorites! Even better than FLEET ESCORT. I had to screen capture it so I can return to it often. Brava!đź’‹

    • Glad you liked! Incidentally, why the screen capture? Is just saving the PDF not an option? I’m curious because I have no idea how most people access the website (PC, tablet, phone, etc).

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