A Gift From Above

a gift from aboveWell, here we go again! Aliens have once again arrived on Earth, and wouldn’t you know it—all they can come up with by way of an invasion plan is to transform all the males on the planet into females. You’d think, as advanced as they obviously are, they could come up with something a bit more effective; like maybe turning all adult males into penguins, and for good measure all adult females into, well, female penguins. But no! Time and time again they do the exact same thing, apparently expecting a different result—which is, as we all know, a good definition of insanity. Anyway, do read on to find out what goes wrong this time. Enjoy!

I may have utilized aliens as a feminizing force once or twice before—or several dozen times, but who’s counting? So if you liked this one, you might consider checking out “Vanity Goeth Before A Fall” from this year, “Be A Woman, Save A Life” from last year, and “Why Bother Resisting?” from the year before that. And guess what, you stand a pretty good chance of finding a lot more in my Archives (links in the sidebar).


P.S. This is a somewhat wide (and vaguely naughty) caption, so here’s the JPG for those in the need. Click the above icon for the normal PDF version.

2 thoughts on “A Gift From Above

  1. Shouldn’t they just wait until men younger than 12 become of reproductive age? Why develop parthenogenesis when free birth control is gifted? 😀

    • They could do that. Only trouble is, there’d be a huge dip in the birthrate for at least a generation. The people who (try to) forecast (and to some extent try to plan) their country’s economy over spans of two or three decades would see that as problematic.

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