Regression to the Mean

regression to the meanTo be honest, I find it incredible that some people actually believe that “past life regression” is a real thing, but as a TG fantasy trope it’s got real potential. So here’s my first effort in this vein, where to his horror a man discovers that his marriage has just taken a sharp left turn into—the Twilight Zone? (It isn’t mentioned here, but this certainly fits the theme.) Enjoy!

For more tales wherein husbands and wives swap genders, you might want to check out “Transmogrify“, “Learning Through Practice” and “A Woman Like You“, all from last year. And while you’re here, check out the archives (links on the right), where there’s an excellent chance you’ll find even more good stuff. (By the by, click the above icon to download a PDF of this vignette.)


One thought on “Regression to the Mean

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