The Sleep Cure for A Male Mind

the sleep cure for a male mindThis story has a convoluted genesis. Once upon a time, it began with the scene and picture that now appear on page 7, then proceeded through the cross-dresser working overtime for his aunt (in that version it was his mother), only to peter out in a welter of forced ideas. That was a couple of years ago. Earlier this year, I tried to incorporate the scene as part of a longer story, which started well but also collapsed into a swamp of unoriginal plotlines. Then, about two months ago I came up with an entirely different beginning (as herein) and suddenly realized that the idea/scene from two years ago slotted in perfectly right afterward. This time, with the addition of an extra hypnotic twist, the story flowed along nicely to a satisfying conclusion. The moral of the story (this intro, not the actual story): never throw anything away. It might not fit in the story you’re writing, but you never know when a paragraph, scene or entire chapter will find its rightful home in some future tale. I’ve got scads of text like that, lurking in the shadows, awaiting its turn in the light of day. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Sleep Cure for A Male Mind

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    • Thanks, Dee. Happy Holiday to you as well. However, whaddya mean starting? This 24-pager is still small potatoes compared to the handful of short novels I’ve already written (freely available in the Reading Room) that range from 40-something to over a hundred pages. You’ve got your reading cut out for you! 🙂

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