Special Delivery

special deliveryOkay, ya got me: I admit (under duress) that I didn’t actually conceive of this gorgeous caption as being Halloween-related at all. But let’s face it: if you had the option of wearing this tight little bodysuit for Halloween, you’d jump at (and all over) the chance, right? I know I would! And if the price for doing that was dealing with criticism for being some fancy-ass beauty who couldn’t be bothered to wear a costume, and who made all the real ladies jealous with her extreme gorgeousness—I think I could deal with that. Enjoy!

For some actual Halloween-themed content you might want to check out these TG stories and captions from previous years: “Midnight in the Chapel of Tears“, “Gonna Get Laid“, “Frankenstein’s Latest Monster“, “Who Hit on Jessica Rabette“, “Terrifying Beauty“, “All Hallows’ Eve“, and “Halloween Roundup” (for still earlier stuff). Happy Halloween!”


P.S. This is another somewhat wide caption, so here’s the JPG for those in the know. Click the above icon for the usual PDF version.

One thought on “Special Delivery

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