Your Son Must Be Feminized

your son must be feminizedThe best laid plans, as the saying goes, of mice and men (and young cross-dressers) often go awry. I shan’t spoil the surprise, but this was never more true than in the tale you’re about to read. The idea came to me in the form of the threatening note sent to this family: what if a real family received such a threat? Who would do such a thing? What would the family do in response? It intrigued me enough that the story came together quickly. Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Your Son Must Be Feminized

  1. Hey Amanda, you’ve been a busy girl of late, producing lots of naughty little tales of our dreams and wishes. It must be something in the 2021 air, ’cause I’ve been having some cravings that don’t stop at the beltline….. hope you’re getting all the love you deserve sweetie and thank you. I appreciate your dreamy tails, they don’t stop the cravings, but they make them tolerable.

    Much Love,


  2. Loved this story. Really adored Bethany’s first skirt and sweater. I have a similar sweater I have worn that way as well… I felt a bit attached to Bethany’s pleasant “demise”

  3. Oh, so many twists and turns and reveals! As soon as that 2nd note arrived, I was hooked, and that final caption . . . well, that’s a story in and of itself. Fantastic. 🙂

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