One Hell of a Bodysuit

welcome to the playroomI must admit again to feeling a bit naughty when I wrote this tale. I started it two months ago but didn’t know how to end it (no pun intended) until I wrote that last vignette and figured out yet another way to subvert my readers’ expectations. Enjoy!

My last bodysuit story was “The Landlady is a Tramp“, but there are more than a few more in my voluminous archives. Feel free to browse.


4 thoughts on “One Hell of a Bodysuit

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  3. A gorgeous young woman, and a pretty good story. I’d like to think, in the unwritten second half, that they find a way to keep the suit, She is too beautiful not to live again.

    • That would be a good outcome. Perhaps they steal the bodysuit and take it on the lam; sort of a Bonnie and Clyde thing (although that didn’t end so well, as such things rarely do).

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