The Symbiote

the symbioteThis is something of an odd tale, bizarre even, and for that reason may not be to everyone’s taste. I also freely admit to indulging in a wee bit of self-indulgence here, but I think authors are entitled to do this sort of thing now and then, as long as nobody gets hurt. (Even Alfred Hitchcock wasn’t above sneaking himself into one of his movies, now and then!) So given my long history of posting pretty decent TG stories and captions on this website, I hope you’ll all be kind and humor me just this once.

As some of you may be aware, I’ve touched on this general subject area before. Only a few months ago, a wig magically transformed a man in “Wig of Power“. And in the sci-fi realm, this story could be considered an updated version of an early tale of mine, “The Symbiont“, from way back in 2007 (do take note of how much my writing has improved). Note also that the words symbiont and symbiote are pretty much synonymous. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Symbiote

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