Billy Monday Shoots the Moon

billy monday shoots the moonThis is an odd little caption. The “what if” question it poses is this: What if cross-dressing was so fully accepted by the younger crowd (as being seriously edgy) that twenty-something guys thought nothing of dressing up and hanging out downtown trying to pass themselves off as women? Wow, right? What a world that would be! And of course, the older generation would be totally shocked—except for guys like us, of course. Enjoy!

Just for the heck of it, I’ll refer you to a couple of other recent “Billy” captions: “Billy’s Awful Secret” and “Billy Goes Down Hard” (same last name in that one). I’m not sure why I like the name “Billy”; it just seems to trip off the tongue nicely, and it’s got a playful and slightly feminine vibe that seems to go with the storylines. Also, for anyone not in the know, the quatloo is a fictional unit of currency used in a certain classic Star Trek episode. (But you already knew that, didn’t you?”



TG caption: Billy Monday Shoots the Moon

3 thoughts on “Billy Monday Shoots the Moon

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  2. LOVE Mom’s final response.

    But I would NEVER consider “pleasuring men” to win a stupid wager!

    I mean, doing that is its OWN reward!💋💋😉

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