Cross-Dressers Anonymous

cross-dressers anonymousToo often, it seems, cross-dressing is viewed as something shameful; as some sort of personal vice that should be resisted and banished to the nether regions of the mind. Viewing it that way makes cross-dressing sound like any number of other personal vices one could name; ones that actually do qualify as being dangerous to one’s health or sanity. (In contrast, cross-dressing, as we all know, is naught but sugar and spice and everything nice.) So what if society went all-in and treated cross-dressing like a vice? Would there not be a group like CDA that aimed to support cross-dressers in their efforts to deny and control their “addiction”? I think there would!



TG caption: Cross-Dressers Anonymous

3 thoughts on “Cross-Dressers Anonymous

  1. That’s me, except I don’t fight the urge anymore I just dress as Joanne. I’ve been doing it for so long, my wife thinks there is something wrong with me if I am not dressed as Joanne.

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