The World’s Most Beddable Monster

world's most beddable monsterOnce again, I’ll remind my readers that I didn’t grow up with a sister in the house, so a tale like this is a purely theoretical exercise. However, for those who did have sisters that they might even care about, I made the girl in the caption a stepsister—because everybody knows those are fair game (I kid, I kid). And for those who don’t know, the Gretzky mentioned way down there at the end is of course The Great One of ice hockey fame, who really is a big deal up here in Canada. Enjoy!

I’ve turned guys into their sisters before, most recently in “Better Than A Boy“. You could also check out “On-the-Job Training” and “What the Bad Guy Wants” from last year. There are others in the archives.


P.S. This is a large caption with lots of text, so here’s the JPG for those who collect. Click the above image icon for the caption in a PDF.

One thought on “The World’s Most Beddable Monster

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