It’s Not Going to End Well

it's not going to end wellWhen it comes to forced (or at least coerced) feminization, I’d say it’s about an even split: the guy who gets turned into a woman is either a clueless twit (to be frank) being feminized by a complete bounder (male or female), or he himself is a complete bounder who’s getting what he deserves. Either way, there’s a bounder involved (every story needs a villain, not to mention someone to force the plot in its required direction). This caption falls into the latter category, where a bounder gets his comeuppance and justice is served (hot, in this case, with a side dish of humiliation). I don’t know if he fully deserves the punishment he gets, but in certain respects it’s not too different from what he’d experience on the inside—and this way he’s still free to come and go as he pleases, enjoy the great outdoors, and look fabulous to boot. Enjoy!

The style this caption uses to relate most of its dialogue is fairly unique (certainly to me), but it’s reminiscent of the mode used in caps like “Neural Malware” and “Competitive Edge“.


P.S. This caption has too much text to be readable on this page, so here’s the JPG for anyone who needs it. Click the image icon for the caption in a PDF.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Going to End Well

  1. Benny is likely going to be interested in burying something in Serena for the next 6 months, at least.. and she will have to keep him happy. 6 months in heels with a boyfriend, he’ll never walk the same again

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