Twins on the Town

twins on the townLoyal readers may have noticed that I rarely use pictures involving nudity in my captions or stories, whereas a fair number of other TG writers do go that route. It’s not that I’m a prude (although compared to some people… [eyes roll]), it’s just that as a cross-dresser I’ve always found clothed women far more interesting. So this caption is a bit of a rarity for me, involving as it does a full-on naked female chest. There’s not much else to say except that this is about as naughty as I ever get, at least in caption format. Enjoy!

As an FYI, I’ll just add that while bare breasts do sometimes appear in these pages, a naked groinal area never will (for either sex). That’s because I think showing any of that shtuff can easily turn a story into porn (which I have no interest in writing). Frankly, it also detracts from the text—whereas a nicely dressed woman (whether it’s lingerie or a gorgeous dress) can effectively compliment the text without overwhelming it. Also, the female bust tends to be quite close to her lovely long tresses (the other shtuff certainly isn’t), and for me that makes all the difference in the world (surprise, surprise). 🙂


P.S. This caption isn’t actually overly wide, but I’ll just provide a link to the JPG here to avoid any more nudity cluttering up places like Twitter. As usual, click the above image icon for the caption in PDF form.

6 thoughts on “Twins on the Town

  1. I’m definitely not a prude either. But what is wrong with me? The first thing I looked at was that gorgeous red hair. OMG, I wish I was young enough to color my tresses that rich red color. I’ll have to be satisfied with coloring my locks a light blonde.

    Meanwhile, back to the picture. I love twin stories. And the nudity in this one is good enough, and not too much. Maybe a little more often?

    • Nothing wrong with you, my friend. That hair is da bomb! Although for me, the color actually takes away from the impact. A nice rich brunette would be best, but blonde can be good as well. (From your standpoint, there’s obviously something wrong with me!) (Sidebar: actually, that much is true: I have slightly red-green deficient vision.) As for the nudity, it does work for this caption but I rarely find a place in my writing where that’s true. I’m mostly all about the dressing-up!

      • I understand your preference for clothing, but there is something very sexy about watching an attractive, well-endowed woman, semi-dressed getting ready for a date.

      • I hear ya. Of course, being semi-dressed at some point in the process is all part of getting dressed up. To (not) coin a saying: the journey is what’s important! 🙂

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