The Female Impersonator

the female impersonatorThe picture used to illustrate this amusing little short-short is none other than the incomparable Joan Collins (at least, I’m pretty sure it is). In the unlikely event that she should happen across this story, it is my sincere hope that Ms. Collins does not take umbrage to the notion that she might actually resemble a female impersonator. Quite the opposite! My intention here was to suggest that the cross-dresser depicted in this story is so incredibly accomplished at female impersonation that he’s managed to turn himself into a dead ringer for the lovely Ms. Collins at some point in her peak years (a significant accomplishment indeed). Anyway, that’s probably all that need be said. Enjoy this tale of a cross-dresser who’s just been caught!

This vignette has some similarities to my last “caught” caption: “Time to Prevaricate“. There are many such tales in my archives, but for a humorous example you might try “A License to Feminize” from last year.


5 thoughts on “The Female Impersonator

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    • The link to the PDF is in the above icon, the one with the picture and the story’s title. Sorry if that was unclear, but all my posts follow the same general format. You can also link directly to the PDF via the 2020 archive (the link to which is in the sidebar), also through the image icon.

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