The Flip Fixation

the flip fixationIt’s a TG tale as old as time (or however long beauty salons have been around): a hapless young man goes in for a haircut and comes out looking absolutely fabulous (spoiler: like a gorgeous girl, in case you hadn’t guessed). I started out writing the usual transformation tale, but soon got bored with it—because same old, same old. Then, in a flash of authorial insight, I wrapped it inside a story about a transgender woman going home to tell her parents and it all came together nicely. What else can I say? Enjoy!

I’ve written so many salon transformation tales that I literally can’t remember them all. For starters, there’s the recent “I Can’t Fight It Anymore“. You could also check out last year’s “For the Win” or “Clueless” from the year before. But don’t despair, there are lots more in the archives! You’ll just have to do a little digging.


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