I Can’t Fight It Anymore

can't fight it anymoreThere are a lot of common tropes in TG fiction (one might even call them stereotypes), and I admit to calling upon them myself from time to time. Who among us can say otherwise? Classics are classics for a reason, right? But the least I can do, I figure, is write well and connect the text to a fabulous image, and that’s what I tried to do here. For sure, we’ve all seen the overbearing, man-hating divorced mother who turns her son into a girl, but it is kind of fun to get inside the head of her not-long-for-maleness son and see how he feels about the situation. We’d all love to be in his/her shoes/heels, but in real life there would probably be at least a few mixed feelings. Enjoy!

I’ve done quite a few of these captions. Just from the past year there’s “My Mother’s a Friggin’ Witch“, “Quite the Looker“, “A Chip Off the Old Block“, and
Earning Her Stripes“. Dig deeper and there’s lots more.



TG caption: I Can’t Fight It Anymore

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Fight It Anymore

  1. love this hes so pretty, I would love to be in her position. beautiful young lady, gorgeous hair

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