Revisiting Wonderland

welcome to wonderlandI recently reread this story of mine from 2017, “Welcome to Wonderland“, and—horror of horrors—I discovered a typo right smack near the top of the first page! (It was a missing “the” and no one said a word!) Needless to say, the offending typo has now been fixed. Other than that, I found the story quite engrossing and well worth a second look.

What prompted me to revisit the story was a curious observation: when I type the name of this website into my usual search engine (I usually use DuckDuckGo), one of the top two suggestions given as I type is “amanda’s reading room wonderland”. That tells me that an awful lot of readers are looking for this specific story (from two and a half years ago) out of the many stories and captions available here. I don’t know if that makes it the most popular story I’ve ever written, but it’s gotta be right up there! I find that interesting, especially for a story that involves no sex whatsoever; it’s totally focused on the gender transformation, wherein a man and his wife swap places—not just by dressing up to renew their vows, but to live out their lives that way and also utilize surgery to make the switch that much more complete. I suspect that this fantasy must touch on something very fundamental about the act of cross-dressing. I’m not qualified to comment further, but perhaps doctoral students in psychology should take note: fertile grounds for research dead ahead. Enjoy the re-read!


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