Nice and Cross-dressed

nice and cross-dressedIt’s funny how often this question arises in TG fiction: what can you do with a young man who doesn’t really amount to much? To be precise: he hasn’t found anything he’s particularly good at, he’s physically average and only does okay in school, he has trouble holding down a job (’cause, like, they all suck), and he isn’t exactly marriage material. And in TG fiction the answer is always, always, to turn him into a woman (surprise, surprise). Well, I’m not breaking any new ground here, since that’s exactly what happens—but at least the caption is well-written and dryly amusing. Enjoy!

My numerous readers with long memories might recall that I used this picture once before (albeit reversed), more than six years ago in “Hypnotic Transgression“. The storyline there isn’t vastly different, because the girl’s “thousand-yard stare” just screams hypnotic trance—and that, of course, implies some form of forced feminization. Has this sort of thing ever been tried in a TG story and NOT worked perfectly? Is any psychological technique in the real world that effective? Something doesn’t add up here…


P.S. This is a caption with lots of dense text, so here’s the JPG for anyone who collects ’em. Click the above icon for the usual PDF version.

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