The Landlady is a Tramp

the landlady is a trampFirst of all, let me just say that I do not, in general, believe that landladies as a class tend to be overly promiscuous. I’m sure there are some who are, as individuals, but as a group I suspect that they tend to the more retiring and ladylike end of the personality spectrum. I admit to having had contact with a few such women during my college days, and also to finding them a bit intimidating, and there’s no doubt that I’ve drawn on those experiences in writing some of my stories (for example, “Feminization: It’s the Law!“). Alas, it never quite worked out for me the way it does for the guys in my stories. (Sigh.) You’ll also note that this is a bodysuit story that utilizes the ubiquitous “costume gun” in slightly new way (this has also become something of a specialty for me; see, for example, “Hollow People“). Enjoy!


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